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About Us

Social Compliance Solutions is a Professionaly managed and result oriented consultancy firm, which established with the aim of providing world recognized Management Systems, Human Resource Management and Buyer Code of Conduct Implementation Consultancy to the companies of Conduct Implementation Consultancy to the companies of all sizes and in all industries.


Disaster Management Cell NKATI is the vision of C.E.O NKIDMC, Disaster Management Cell was established at NKATI in 2012 under the umbrella of NKIDMC, to prevent the North Karachi Industrial Area from any Disaster. With the Blessing of Almighty ALLAH and result of the tireless effort of NKATI Management, Governor Sindh allocated a Fire Tender at NKATI with staff from 2012, this fire tender provides rapid rescue with in North Karachi Industrial Area.

Our Mission

Mission of Disaster Management Cell NKATI is to prevent North Karachi industrial area factories from any kind of incident like fire, building collapse, heavy rain and any other industrial incident. We are very much focusing to implement the Minimum Safety requirement as per factories ?? ???? or other local law to prevent and react in case of any emergency.

Liaison with Govt and Local Bodies

Disaster Management Cell NKATI has a strong liaison with below Govt and Local bodies to provide full support to industry in case of any incident or general requirement.

  • Civil Defence Karachi.
  • KMC Fire Department.
  • Deputy Commissioner Office.
  • Town Administration North Karachi.
  • Police, Rangers, CMC NKATI.
  • K.W.S.B.
  • EDHI, CHIPPA, AMAN Foundation.

Significance of Compliance

The demand for compliance is growing rapidly in today’s business scenario as the buyers from the global markets are insisting on ethically manufactured products. As the export of garment products form Pakistan has increased, the demand for social compliance has also risen in the Pakistan garment industry.

Our Management

  • Disaster Management Cell is always willing to make North Karachi Industrial Area incident free. Disaster Management Cell NKATI activities monitoring by C.E.O NKIDMC, Chief DMC, Deputy Chief DMC.
  • Disaster Management Cell Consultant keeps all DMC Management updated on all incident events, training, seminars or any task given by Local Govt, or by the management of DMC, Facebook: DMC NKATI.
  • Management is available on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Gmail.
    • DMC Whatsapp: 0323-2004050

Our Services

  • Gap Analysis & Factory Assessment.
  • Training on Labour Laws & Legislation.
  • Training related to Health & Safety, Quality, Work Place Safety and Fire Safety.
  • Human Resource / Compliance Management and Time Management.
  • Compliance Audits Achievements:

Compliance Audits Achievements

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